We have access to the top pool and spa product brands best suitable for your swimming pool

Letro Cleaners

Letro Legend automatic pool cleaners are pressure side cleaners. In this, the water pressure is used to move the cleaner around the swimming pool. This draws debris from the pool into a filter bag. This is one of the best swimming pool product to clean foreign particles from the pool.
Dual drive wheels and thrust jets are used to move the cleaners.

Polaris Pool Cleaners

Polaris is the number 1 brand in automatic pressure pool cleaners, for 40 years. It is one of the leading industries in the US. Polaris offers superior cleaning performance. Moreover, they provide a full range of pressure pool cleaners to fit every application of pool design.

Residential Gas Heater

Raypak offers a complete range of gas heaters to fit almost every application. It comes with microprocessor-based thermostat control. This allows us to control and set the pool or spa temperature precisely. These commercial units meet the ASME pressure vessel requirements. Also, it is certified to the ANSI Z21.56 pool heater standard. This heater is available with all copper fin-tube or the more durable Cupro-nickel heat exchangers. The heater capability of handling water flow rates is up to 125 GPM.a

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a popular choice amongst the pool owners. To heat the pool, these pumps use the ambient air surrounding the unit. The air crosses the evaporator coil using a heated refrigerant to heat water which returns back into the pool. There is no extra expense of natural gas or propane which therefore reduces the maintenance cost of swimming pool.

Safety Covers

It keeps the pool clean and safe during the off-season. It safeguards against accidental intrusion by children, pets, and other animals. GLI Secur-A-Pool safety covers are well-known for their strength, durability, and ease of installation. The covers meet the performance standards as set forth in ASTM F1346-91. We’re famed for pool closing service in Westchester with this durable safety cover.

Swim N Play Infinity Steel

Touch of style built mainly for fun. The Fantom above ground pool offers an elegant tapered design. This galvanized steel frame is enamel painted with a textured Crystex clear coating. & hence add an extra layer of protection.

Filter Inground Sand

Filter Inground Sand matches the industry-standard. Patented GlasLok process creates a fiberglass reinforced tank. It has a UV resistant surface finish which is known for strength and durability. It locks in fiberglass and hence preventing fibers from exploding under harsh conditions. Heavy-duty closure provides an easy inspection. Moreover, it features an easy-to-read pressure gauge with an air relief valve. Swing-away diffuser allows instant access to the sand and all other internal parts.

Vinyl Skimmers

These versatile large capacity automatic skimmers feature an extensive 15.5 inches. In addition to this, it has multiple throat lengths that provide installation flexibility and also increased skimming action. These skimmers include a 3/4 in auxiliary knockout port. Along with this, it includes faceplate, gaskets, skimmer basket and weir, installation hardware screw set.

Filter Flosser

The Filter Flosser deluxe filter cleaner maximizes the life of the filter, thereby reducing time, energy, and water. It features a curved nozzle design and an ergonomic grip. It is made of Aluminum which can be fit onto a filter cartridge of any size.

Enzyme Dosing Pump

Adding enzymes daily with the enzyme metering pump maximizes the effectiveness of enzyme usage. To create a cleaner and comfortable swimming environment, set the pump to feed the daily enzyme dose. It can remove scum lines, reduce chemical use, eliminate odors, and much more.

Digital ORP/pH Controller

The Rola-Chem Digital ORP/pH controller is an economical digital control solution specially designed for your pool and spa water. Proportional feed control, digital readouts, built-in safety parameters, blow-molded flow cell, safety float switch, ORP & pH sensors, and tubing are some of the features of the controller. It is compatible with almost all chemical feeders.

BECSys5 Water Chemistry Controller

The BECSys5 is a richly featured water chemistry controller, known for its reliability. It has simple, manageable operations and configurations with detailed on-screen manuals. It comes with an integral Ethernet port, RS232/USB PC connection port. It can also be programmed to send alarm notifications by email and/ or text message. It includes flow cell, sensors (ph, ORP, Temp), safety flow switch and installation fittings.

CAT 4000 Wireless Wi-Fi ORP/pH Controller

CAT 4000 Wireless Wi-Fi ORP/pH Controller provides a picture-perfect water quality on-site. It enables remote monitoring via the Internet or web-enabled mobile device from anywhere in the world. Using this, you can easily log onto PoolComm to activate your wireless account to monitor the water quality. It includes a controller, flow cell, sensors, RFS flow sensor, & installation hardware mounted on a PVC backboard.

Peristaltic Chemical Feed Pumps

The Pro Series Peristaltic pumps make operation and maintenance simple. It delivers professional-quality output. It is constructed from durable plastic that is resistant to chemicals. The Pro Series has self-priming valve-free pumping. It allows no loss of prime due to gassing chemicals or high suction lifts. It provides precise metering of chemicals by Timer control adjustments.

Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorinator

Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorinator provides consistent chlorine delivery in a compact space. The small, rugged PowerBase 1030 chlorinator can service small to medium-sized pools. The PowerBase 1030 comes skid mounted with a booster pump. Easy installation with one electrical connection, two plumbing connections, and one controller connection.

Sentry Ultraviolet Light System

Sentry Aqua Guard UV systems provide safer water. It employs high output amalgam technology for better chloramine control and inactivation of chlorine resistant bacteria. They are designed for commercial pools and spas. It has low maintenance and operation costs and it is a longer-lasting system.

AquatiControl Technology CO2 Feeder

This CO2 feeder leverages a forward-thinking design and a state-of-the-art valve to provide a reliable and quality CO2 feeder. It is available in both 0-30 and 20-200 SCFH models. These feeders are perfect for any water body using CO2 for pH control. The feeder can be linked with an AquatiControl Technology COS – pH control crossover switch – for the ability to quickly switch between CO2 and acid feed systems.

Brass Solenoid Valves

They are used for general service applications. The snubber slows the disc closing speed. Hence, protect the system against water hammer damage effectively. It has 2-Way/2-Position and is normally closed, operated on 120V. It is known for air, inert gases, and water. Almost all the sizes and configurations are available.

IntelliPro Variable Speed

IntelliPro Variable Speed pumps combine onboard digital intelligence, variable drive technology, and permanent magnet motors to reduce pump-related energy costs by up to 90%. The advanced version of IntelliPro VS+SVRS model is the first swimming pool pump to feature a built-in Safety Vacuum Release System. It detects drain blockage and automatically shuts the pump off.

Guardian Fiberglass and Stainless Steel Strainers

Guardian Fiberglass and Stainless Steel Strainers feature clear acrylic lids for easy viewing during operation. It has large easy-grip hand knobs that make lid removal a snap. The full-face gaskets ensure a watertight seal. Stainless steel powder-coated basket makes cleaning easy. The custom sizes are available for this strainer.

Fluid System X-Drive Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

The Fluid System X-Drive is a completely customizable VFD that can be designed for any system. Each VFD comes standard with a NEMA 1 enclosures, bypass switch, and includes on-site system startup, programming, and training. Some additional features include flow meter speed control, NEMA 4 enclosures, and interfacing with filter, chemical, and building automation.

MultiCyclone Pre-filter

The MultiCyclone is a revolutionary device. It is designed with state-of-art technology especially to reduce filter backwashing, maintenance, chemical use, and disinfection byproducts. It works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration. There are no moving parts to wear and tear, and no filter media to clean or replace. It opens the purge valve periodically so as to discharge particulate.

Intellibrite Color LED “ Pool” Light

It is one of the brightest and most efficient underwater LED color lights. This “Pool” light is pre-programmed with five fixed colors and seven “color shows.” Best of all is, this LEDs can last 30,000 hours or more.